Dating vibroplex bugs

The words the vibroplex has serifes, the a1 plate doesn't serifes small thingys on the edges of letters: a1 19Ø5 original - sn 946 198Ø lightning bug. Such is the case with the very popular signal corps bug, the j-36 the key is actually based on the vibroplex lightning bug with some minor changes to the paddle and to the identification tag vibroplex made j-36 keys for the signal corps before and during wwii. The vibroplex bug, also known as a semi-automatic key or speed key, has gained a poor reputation amongst some radio amateurs because many who try. A collection of morse telegraph keys and radio in by johnson dating this key whereby mr&m would develop and manufacture bugs and vibroplex would.

The larg amateur radio projects over vibroplex bugs reports by paul bock history notes on vibroplex: on identifying and dating vibroplex bugs. Vibroplex lightning bug key deluxe typeserial # 173695 slow and medium speed test. (on later keys with the bug logo) 763,303 at top of list is wrong this patent is for a clip issued to microsoft word - dating your vibroplexdoc author.

The vibrokeyer is a single-lever paddle using the same main frame and decorative chrome finished parts as the original bug for the same smooth and easy operating vibroplex ® feel the vibrokeyer is for those who want to combine traditional skill with modern electronics. Gold bug serial number registry editor’s note: my interest in the vibroplex 100th anniversary original keys is greater than my ability to purchase them.

John elwood, ww7p, did a heroic job of determing the age of vibroplex keys by serial number one place to find his document is on the vibroplex site here. Dating vibroplex bugs dating website in kuwait rare melehan dating vibroplex bugs valiant fullautomatic key (huntington beach california model):(20kb) a very few of these rare keys were la porte tx dating made by mel hanson from to.

Note on the dating of vibroplex bugs: john elwood, ww7p has been gathering information about vibroplex keys for many years he has been able to reconstruct many of the dates of manufacture of the various models of vibroplex keys which had been lost in the vibroplex fire.

Vibroplex original bug keys are a genuine piece of history the original bug keys are available in standard, deluxe, 24k gold presentation, and 24k gold models as well as right and left handed models. A vibroplex no 6 lightning bug key with the unusual brown base, dates at 1979 vibroplex discontinued the lightning bug shortly after the company was moved to maine in 1979 just before the lightning bug was discontinued, some were made with sienna brown and beige crackle bases.

If your vibroplex has a portland, me nameplate, john’s table will help you find when it was made, but john’s table doesn’t include information for alabama bugs the company was sold and moved to knoxville, tn in 2005. I'm trying to find build dates for vibroplex vibrokeyers searched older threads and the info they referred to is no longer available is there still a publicly accessible site that dates the serial numbers for the vibrokeyer rather than bugs. This is a new vibroplex 100th anniversary semi-automatic bug vibroplex states that this key duplicates one of the most popular early vibroplex bases, a weathered black japanese-like powdered coat finish with gold pin stripe border.

Dating vibroplex bugs
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